Read this before buying (Haibike) speed pedelec (s-pedelec)

When I drive my Haibike s-pedelec I feel like a superman without wings. Every time I let someone try my bike they come back with a huge smile in their face 🙂 “This is incredible” I often hear. However there is something you should know before buying your own speed pedelec.

I wrote this article to warn people about the major downside that at least my Haibike speed pedelec has. If for example the rims of your bike brake or get stolen (my back wheel got stolen), and you want to keep your bike street legal, you can’t drive with your Haibike in 9+ months. This might me same with s-pedelecs from another manufacturers. I only know about my bike which is Haibike Xduro Trekking S RX 2016. Also the cost for the back wheel is over 800 €. This is what the Haibike service center estimated for my insurance company.

My Haibike Xduro Trekking S RX 2016 speed pedelec

At least this is what would have happened to me unless by superb luck I got my wheel backt thanks to the help of community for stolen bikes in Facebook. You might have to order new wheel from Haibike like me. I send my bike to the Haibike service point here in Finland september 2017 (28.9.2017) and I still don’t have the wheel. It hasn’t still even been ordered from Haibike.

Update: Haibike service center in Helsinki got the rim June 2018 so almost 9 months later. Only problem is that the hub and spokes are still missing so they can’t deliver my back wheel to me. What a joke right? I believe the service point made the mistake.

Latest excuse that I heard today was “the sales person in Haibike changed and all the things made by the old one disappeared and the new one doesn’t know anything”. Haibike what the f? You are selling +3500 € bikes. The service point tell they have contacted Haibike for many times. Haibike have to make the rim, cause only one rim type in the world can be legally put in my bike and it’s not sold anywhere. Of course it is not only Haibikes fault – the stupid laws in EU makes things difficult. Also this problem might be related to the fact that speed pedelec are is quite new thing and the smart people making the laws don’t really understand the whole picture. In my city I have never seen other s-pedelec except mine. So what is Haibikes fault?

  1. Haibike don’t have the rims in stock.
  2. They didn’t use rim that you could buy from the shops. I assume this would be possible.
  3. Haibike or it’s service center aren’t able to manufacture and/or deliver the rim even in several months.

Otherwise I love my Haibike speed pedelec. It could be better in many ways, but it is has been enough good to replace the bus and car for most of the time. It feels sturdy to ride. I replaced the bell because it was ridiculously bad and did not work with gloves. Also there is not enough power in the motor to maintain the 45 km/h at any condition so that sucks also. Due to law I could have 4000W motor in my speed pedelec, but my Haibike has only 350W. Even 750W could be enough?

I hope this article help you decide whether you should buy s-pedelec or just normal hazzle free electric bike.

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